Yann Heurtaux On Connection, Community & Events

Yann Heurtaux On Connection, Community & Events

In this episode, we speak with Yann Heurtaux. Yann is in Switzerland and explains trying to assume the role of a

local activist in Lausanne and, starting communities with Coworking environments.

Yann is an highly experienced digital migrant, community dynamics consultant. He better helps us with his

explanation on connections, community and events for coworking conferences. Yann is now the Swiss Connector and

Head of Communications for the Medialab Session project, which is based in Lausanne.

We discuss conferences, building relationships and connections at conferences. We talk a bit about maintaining

energy with relationships as an introvert and extrovert. This deals with understanding how to fit in the the

conference atmosphere and much more in topics.

This week we catch up with one of our favourite ruckas makers Yann Heurtaux

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