Why Do Sharetribe Love Steward-Ownership So Much?

Why Do ShareTribe Love Steward-Ownership So Much?

A glimpse into the Share Economy Platform with Juho

In this episode, we spoke with our friend Juho just before he became an equity crowdfunded millionaire! Why Do

ShareTribe Love Steward-Ownership So Much? We,ll we will discuss the many issues and ways people in the share

economy platform can build their businesses. Juho who is from Finland and runs the company ShareTribe.  He will

give us an overall look at the way the share economy system affects people in all aspects. Also, potential ways in

which the share economy model can work for everyone. While there are many ways in which this peer to peer

marketplace can advance, there’s ways in which it can advance so that no one is struggling when they are trying to


ShareTribes fight is to get the share economy platform to share the market place for free without technology. This is

an attempt to make the market place accessible for everyone to thrive. For practical implications of these platforms

what does this change have? Let’s take a concrete example. Juho’s analysis of the market situation of online

marketplace technology is what helped him to base his decision to try and fix on the upsides and downsides of share

economy. Also, ShareTribe Steward-Ownership comes to the conclusion that if companies mainly focuses its efforts

solely on building a high priced company. And with this come major gains from proprietary marketplace share

economy platform technology. Visit www.sharetribe.com


In this post on P2P, Foundation Juho goes into deeper detail about the model.

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