What Makes Coworking Bansko So Cool?

What Makes Coworking Bansko So Cool?

Q. What Makes Coworking Bansko So Cool?

A. It’s in a ski resort!

Matthais explains how he started Coworking Bansko

In this episode, we talk to nomad legend Matthias E Zeitler, co-founder of Bansko. Matthias who has been running a

startup  for many years talks about how he transitioned into the Bansko co-working business. Bansko is a cool ski-

resort where they have living co-working spaces for people who are freelancers and seek a since of community where

they can build their businesses as well.

Matthias explains how he got started and how he’s worked in many different locations around the world be settling

on Bansko. When Matthias thought of the idea he was still a member in a co-working space in Salzburg and saw an

idea something similar to where he drew inspiration to build Bansko. He also explains his attraction to Bulgaria and

the mountainous region and why he wanted to settle Coworking Bansko in the Bulgarian mountains.

The goal for Bansko as Matthais explains is to build a coworking space on a rural mountain top resort where next

generation digital nomads will be impacted and want to return to it. Also to have a community where people can

enjoy the atmosphere and help each other build businesses. The interview goes on to discuss the different ways in

which a mixed freelance community runs and can be beneficial to those who work in freelance and more.

At the time of recording Bansko we gearing up for the first of what we home will be many Freelancer Weekends –

check it out here

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