What Is The Barcelona en Beta Documentary? With Albert Cañigueral

What Is The Barcelona en Beta Documentary? With Albert Cañigueral

In this upbeat episode of What Is The Barcelona en Beta Documentary? With Albert Cañigueral Bernie discusses

with guest Albert Canigueral the “Barcelona en Beta Documentary.” Most of all, it delves in topic talk about the

digital transformation of society based around artificial intelligence, digital platforms, machine learning and the

automation of work. Especially relevant, the discussion informs about the project put into place to change the effects

on digital society. However, the different attitudes of society and thought processes in society with social change and

moving forward.

Albert Canigueral is a connector at Ouishare who’s vision and goals for the project are to design city that can change

and become more prosperous future through digital platforms ad ultimately with change in Spain and Latin

America. Also, this episode will further discuss the description of the Barcelona en Beta project, it’s various main

features along with it’s strengths and differences.

Focus on the project Barcelona en Beta Documentary

The project is currently crowdfunding so you can donate. The project is about current issues that are going on in

Barcelona. Barcelona is the example city for the project as it is an issue across the globe. First of all, the initiative that

Albert  discusses for the project is that they will go to visit citizens. Also, people who already live in the future with

modern digital platforms which are thriving in in society. Especially relevant, digital pioneers of the modern world:

they will use  digital platforms. Digital platforms will help teach those that are behind in the digital age. Most

noteworthy, teaching how to earn money, enable others with knowledge, open their administration to citizens with

almost, most open source platform.

In conclusion, people are enabled to manufacture their own objects and create their own types of currency.

The episode takes an exploration of the various accidents that are created from these modern digital ways of living.

Therefore, some digital platforms created unfair competition in many markets, provided labor instability, different

conflicts, unequal rights as consumers, workers and in society and unclear tax payments. They talk about many

different platforms, especially, Etsy and the balance. Most of all, discussions of the distribution of digital platforms

along with Upwork and more. For more information on the project got to the links below. Please subscribe to



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