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So What Is The Future Of Work? With Neil Usher

So What Is The Future Of Work? With Neil Usher

In this episode, discussed is Future of Work. Bernie interviews Neil Usher in person at the Herman Miller Showroom

in Holborn, London.

So What Is The Future Of Work? Neil Usher Explains:

As Margarete described Neil in her detailed post 12 Steps to Create a Fantastic Workplace on Medium:

“Why Well-Designed Spaces Have a Positive Impact on People

Neil Usher has more than 25 years of experience in helping organizations to transform their workplace into unique

and inspiring working environments. He writes a lot about how to create a perfect workplace.”

We discuss what people mean when they talk about the future of work and when they started obsessing over the


Neil makes a few easy to apply recommendation about how to stop ‘boiling the ocean’ or ‘navel gazing’ on the term

and create a human workplace where people can thrive and connect.

Links in the show:

Neil’s Book on Amazon The Elemental Workplace: How to create a fantastic workplace for everyone

Neil’s long-running workplace blog Workessence

Neil on Twitter and Linkedin – follow the #ElementalWorkplace hashtag

Research Group For Collaborative Spaces

Coworking Europe Conference – Amsterdam November 2018

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