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Freelance Rates: what’s in yours?

Freelance Rates: what’s in yours?

Setting your freelance rate is one of the most important things you’ll do in your practice. But it’s more than just getting started with an hourly amount and some expenses. When I help freelancers set their rates, we go through figuring out all the hidden costs. We then add those in so that you’re left with what you wanted to earn in the first place.

So work with me as I walk you through all these hidden areas. At the end of it you’ll be left with a much larger number than you probably expected, but you’ll also be able to communicate that value and cost to your clients better as a result and when you give your rate to them, you’ll both know why you’re worth it.

Bonus Content! A Freelance Rate Checklist

I’ve also created a checklist that you can use to do this work on your own, and you can find the Google Doc for it here.

I wrote a blog post recently that’s relevant to this conversation as well. I talk about some warning signs that happen if your rate is too low. If you’re experiencing any of these, then listen to the episode, re-do your calculations, and tell me what you find!

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