50 Coffees In London

Hosted ByBernie Mitchell & Martha McAlpine

In this series, the OuiShare Radio Squad pick up the interesting stories of people who they meet in London.

Sangeeta – Vaginas, Colonialism and other Taboos

This Episode is about Sangeeta

Sangeeta has become a big part of our London Write Club and Mainyard Studios Community here in Mile End.
When we first met Sangeeta stirred her tea and calmly spoke words like vagina, periods, pain, suffering and joy into the conversation.

She shared more about her project; The Masala Monologues.
These are stories from South Asian women across all ages and backgrounds.
Look out for the podcast, book and theatre productions around London.

A lot of our chat* today is examples of finding our voice and feeling open to talking about who we are. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to find out what we actually think when we are so used to someone or society telling us.
The pull of the past affects us as individuals and as a society.

As a white European male society works well for me, it’s not often I feel like ‘The Other’.
A big part of this season of 50 Coffees in London is finding out how society works, or does not work for people near me but not like me.

Links from the show

Masala Monologues
Vagina Museum
Edward Said – Orientalism
Masala Monologues at Emerge Festival

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*This episode contains some strong language

About 50 Coffees In London Podcast

A wise friend once told Bernie that whenever they moved to a new city, they’d have coffee with 50 exciting people.
After coffee and connecting, everything would happen from that.

Tune in to share the joy and pain of the journey Bernie’s guests are on.
These people all help make London the fantastic, vibrant place it is.
This podcast is Bernie’s 50 coffees in London.

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