Polly’s Outlandish London Event Diary

Every month Polly from Outlandish London joins us to update you on the events Ouishare UK are supporting and collaborating on here in London.

In this episode, Polly’s Outlandish London diary includes:

Co-Tech – where “cooperative technologists build a tech industry that’s better for its workers and customers through co-operation, democracy and worker ownership.”

  • Ouishare Summit 17th – 21st May in Croatia (Polly and Bernie will be there!) get your ticket here.
  • Co-Tech and Ouishare will co-host the shindig on the 14th June at Space 4
  • You can join the next Co-Tech Hack 21st – 23rd June at Space 4 – the coworking space at Outlandish HQ by Finsbury Park Tube
  • Coop Congress 2018 is on Saturday 23rd June at etc Venues in Bishopsgate – get your ticket here
  • Open Coop 2018 is on 26th – 27th July at Conway Hall London get your ticket here

Other links mentioned in the show:

School Cuts Website

Research Group For Collaborative Spaces

Agile Collective 

Radical Childcare Impact Hub Birmingham we podcasted about this last year here.

UNICEF Washdata.org

Kate Beecroft’s article on Investing surplus for impact: Cobudgeting at Outlandish

Co-Tech – Building a tech industry that’s better for its workers and customers through co-op’s


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