#OSfest16 Simone Cicero – Platform Design Toolkit Workshop

This short workshop based on the Platform Design Toolkit (www.platformdesigntoolkit.com) will help you understand what are the key entities in the ecosystem you want to examine, how the core value is created and how ancillary value streams are generated.

The workshop will also help you identify the key transactions and ensure that context or channels exist for these transactions to happen on the platform. You’ll also learn how to support and empower the evolution of participants toward better performances and how to help them thrive and produce better quality services from peer to peer interactions and how they can create larger social capital and reputation to make the platform thrive.

The workshop is designed for:

Managers and Founders looking to generate innovation in corporates and startups, who need to create new products

Creatives, Designers and Consultants who want to use a simple and effective set of design tools to design solutions for the present times

Community managers of digital platforms or collaborative spaces such as incubators, makerspaces, coworking spaces or networks.

Social entrepreneurs and public officials who want to understand how to increase the social impact of collaborative services with less investments.

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