On motherhood with Victoria Cameron- Mowat

“I am more aware of my vulnerability and I see myself as more of a family, embedded in networks. I know I can’t do things by myself and that is no bad thing.”

Vicky is a new mother and GP living in London. As part of her masters degree she lived and worked on the island of Bubaque in Guinea Bissau off the coast of West Africa. The island is one of the few matriarchal societies left in the world and also has one of the highest child mortality rates. As part of her research into maternal and child health amongst Bubaque’s inhabitants Vicky took photographs of the women she met and spoke to.

In the podcast we discuss different notions of motherhood. On Bubaque, in contrast to city life in London, Vicky noticed a ‘harmony’ among families in Bubaque which she attributes to the ‘Matronas’ (female elders) who run things on the island.

Cameron-Mowat continues to explore motherhood through photography and film.

Her exhibition: 40 Women features the women of Bubaque Island

You can visit the exhibition until November 16th 2017 at Arch 5 in Hackney, London. 

The Hackney Citizen Article on the exhibition is here