Luke Robert Manson #FutureFest18

Luke Robert Manson #FutureFest18

Luke Robert Manson Virtual Futures

In this episode we speak with Luke Robert Manson Virtual Futures reviver. The Virtual Future Conference is a mid

1990’s cyber culture conference. Luke Robert Manson attended the University of Warwick where he first discovered

the conference as an undergraduate student. He discusses with us his thesis work at University of Warwick.

Also Luke gives us a bit of background history about the conference and how they brought it back to life with

discussion of key figures in the cyberpunk movement for which the conference was founded. We go on to talks about

the science fiction aspect of Virtual Futures and the prime members of cyber virtual reality and cybersex with earlier

virtual reality.

In the episode, talks about the importance of relationship with robotics and humanity are briefly highlighted and

Luke discusses the Lights of Soho. He also talks about his experience in Brooklyn, NY with new people in startups.

Also we talk about the engineering of Virtual Futures and how it runs as a conference and how people have grow

from the networking of the conference. Lastly, we talk about how he plans to keep the conference ongoing into the


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