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Podcast one: COMMUNITY: Creative Hotspots and Rural Coworking + Coliving in Brandenburg

For our first community podcast, Johanna sat down with Philipp Hentschel who is involved in a few Coworking projects – both rural and the city. Other than two German people trying to talk in English to each other, you will find out more about the creative hotspots for Coworking and Coliving around Berlin in the federal state of Brandenburg. Philipp and his collaborators have discovered many unique spaces that he collects in a blog. We talk about his involvement in different communities, benefits for rural development, but also the biggest challenges for rural coworking and why you may not find many spaces named “coworking space”. Together with a group of students Johanna will do some research within these communities and share the results in future Episodes of this podcast.

Guest: Philipp Hentschel
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