We talk Brexit, Trade Deals And Things You Didn’t Know About UKIP

“It felt dishonest and unnecessary, more like a vanity project” We talk Brexit, trade deals and things you didn’t know about Ukip

Jane works as the Social Media Manager at a legal consultancy firm for “small and disruptive businesses in London”. This is her 2nd general election where she’s been old enough to vote, and both times she has voted Labour. Martha speaks to Jane about her thoughts on why Brexit won, trade deals, Ukip and Britain’s history of an anti-immigrant sentiment. We live in a world of Trump, Brexit, rising nationalism and political extremes and in a country where Ferraris can be found parked next to food banks. 50 coffees are about speaking to people who are in our community, whether that community is London, the UK or the world. In an attempt to discover what unites us rather than divides us, Ouishare Radio are interviewing friends and strangers alike about current events and political happenings. Theresa May has called a snap election and the UK is going to the polls again. How do we all feel about that?

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