How To Be An Really Outlandish Tech Coop!

How To Be An Really Outlandish Tech Coop!

What does that mean? Outlandish is a London based tech agency that operates as a worker-owned coop.

In this episode we speak with Abbey, Mateus and Polly members of Outlandish which is a digital agency company

that helps people with tech tools and website building. They give an explanation as to what Outlandish is all about.

Also in the episode we discuss School Cuts. School Cuts is where people can find out about and fight school cuts in

their area. People can search box allowing people to search by school or postcode to find out exactly how much the

schools near them were likely to lose in funding.

There’s mention of Space4, CoTech which you can find their information in the links below to learn more about

them. In the you will learn more about them working with other Tech Coops and how they build networking skills

through Coop projects, especially with other companies. Also discussed are hosted projects dealing with digital

activism, the tech civic society and radical mapping, which is further explained in the episode. For more information

on Outlandish projects follow the links and twitter handles below. Subscribe to Ouishareradio.

They make decisions collectively using  Cobudget and Loomio.

Find out how in this post here.

Find out more about Cobudget by reading Francesca’s posts here.

Be sure to check out the School Cuts Website




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