How The Coop Model Works To Put People Before Profit With Oliver Sylvester-Bradley

In this episode, we speak with Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, Founding Partner at The Open Co-op who are organising Open 2018 in London on 26/27 July

Links mentioned in the show


Open Source Model

CoTech – Building a tech industry that’s better for its workers and customers through co-operation, democracy and worker ownership.

New Economics Foundation

How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Stars Like Uber to Create a Real Sharing Economy


Coworking Niagara the origin story of the coworking space that operates on a coop model with Trevor Twining and Alex Hillman

Indra Adnan Co-Initiator of The Alternative UK is speaking at Open Coop about Alternative UKWe podcasted with her here for Future Fest

Loomio – collaborative decision-making tool 

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