How habits and discipline support your Freelancing

How habits and discipline support your Freelancing

Thanks for listening to episode 2 of the Freelance Foundations podcast on the OuiShare Radio Network. Today we’re talking about discipline and habits and how they relate to freelancing.

Freelancing news stories

This is a new segment for the show, so let me know if you like it. I’m sharing the information, and I’ll also offer an opinion if I have one. I’ll try to do a good job of labelling what the facts are and what my opinions are. If you’re ever unclear, get in touch! That kind of distinction is important for me so you can trust the information I’m giving you.

Questions about Freelancing

Another new segment! Ask your question by emailing me at Put Freelancer Questions in the subject. Be sure to leave information about your practice so I can answer it.

Q1: Fitting in the Freelancing

Vivie S asks:

“Can anyone give me tips on how to be a successful freelancer when you have to work full time (and overtime) and sometimes on weekend? Because this gal is struggling!”

Vivie is a freelance illustrator and you can find her on twitter

Q2: Wonky payment promises

First If you’re in the UK, you should sign up for the Freelance Heroes community on Facebook. Lots of great support there, and answers to questions on things specific to UK residents.

Now, here’s the question!

Jemma asks:

“Hi Heroes. After some advice please! I have a client, who I’m not sure is being straight with me and it’s making me very uneasy. So first job was fine, and he was adamant that he wanted me to invoice in advance, as that’s the way he runs his company, and I’d get paid by faster payment, which I did for the first job. Then second job, said same thing, but payment was delayed. Everytime I spoke to him he said oh it’s being processed… then I got paid after my payment terms (14 days – which technically is still early, as I don’t normally invoice till a job is finished). Now have completed a another couple of little jobs and the invoice is now again over my payment terms of 14 days.

He was then telling me yesterday that it has to go through two people to get approved and then it takes 3 days from the payment being processed to reach my account. So I’m thinking to myself do you actually even remember what you have told me before? Then a big new project came up, for which I’ve already invoiced, (in advance) and now I’m totally uneasy. I don’t feel like I know when I’m going to get paid at all. Don’t know where to go from here, as I feel like I’ve committed to the upcoming projects and invoiced in advance (I’m pretty sure this is no where near being paid) but I’m not comfortable with it and have a bad gut feeling. “

Jemma’s a graphic designer, and you can find her Facebook Page at

Main Segment: Discipline and Habit

Then we delve into the main segment. Here’s an outline!

Building discipline in your freelance practice lets you

  • focus where you need to.
  • say yes where you should
  • say no where it matters

Not having discipline means

  • You disappoint people
  • You damage your reputation
  • You jump from emergency to emergency

Discipline is about a few things.

Discipline is not willpower

  • Our wills falter
  • We need to recognize when it happens and just get back on track
  • Every week where there’s some improvement, that’s a win.

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