How Free Are You As A Freelancer? With Michel Bauwens

How Free Are You As A Freelancer? With Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens different aspects of being a freelancer

How Free You As A Freelancer? with Michel Bauwens we talk about the future of work and the autonomous

worker. Michel who is founder at the P2P Foundation as well as advisor at SMart gives insight into being an

freelancer. We further discuss the issues of whether or not people are as free as they believe they are when becoming

a freelancer.  However, it discusses the politics of freelancing. With anything there’s a good side and downside but

Michel helps us to understand the aspects of working as a freelancer. The issues are dealing with being seen as a

capitalist and not having to the ability to be as free as you want in the freelance industry.

The seemingly bad side about it is that people are seemingly a slave to the industry and highly underpaid for their

work. Also, the issue is global and only a small minority lives better as a freelancer then most people who become a

freelancer. We also talk about the different areas of freelancing and how the way people are paid across many

platforms like, journalism and how income is generated as a freelancer. Furthermore, trying to find social protection

as a freelance worker is discussed.

Freelancer in the field have to create themselves networks and build peer to peer  systems to become more

successful. Freelancers are struggling at what they do in many aspects, especially with  subordination. As a freelancer

you’re your own entrepreneur. The focus of this discussion is to teach people how to  enable themselves to do better

in the freelancer field and know when it is right for them and when to get out when it  doesn’t work for them. Being

an autonomous worker can provide people the opportunity to be their own boss but as attractive as it may seem, it

can have negative affects. In addition, these negative affects are if you don’t know how to apply yourself in the


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