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Podcast of the European Coworking Assembly, diving into the world of coworking, coliving, communities, tips & tricks, success stories and fuckups.

How Coworking Saved My Life With Mike LaRosa

Welcome to Coworking Values the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly. Each week we deep dive into one of the values of accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. Learn how these values can make or break Coworking culture.

Mike LaRosa is the Publisher and Coworkaholic in Chief. Self-diagnosed as coworking obsessed since 2013, his love of shared workspaces has taken him to over 500 spaces in 35+ countries around the world. To pay the bills, he’s a partner at AgoraRDM, a real estate development and management consulting firm. In his spare time, he produces the Miles to Go and Boarding Area podcasts.

Back in January 2018, Mike gave a talk at Nomad Summit. The original title was: Coworking – Accelerated Serendipity, Motivation, and Community. The intention was to provide attendees something different from the more instructional presentations of HOW to run a business as a digital nomad – you can watch it here on YouTube.

What Mike didn’t realize at the time was that he was actually providing tips, tricks and instructions on what NOT to do. Just by using his real-life as an example. This wasn’t the biggest audience Mike had spoken in front of, but it was the first time he’d be telling a story, rather than presenting industry trends or data.

That story ended up becoming “How Coworking Saved My Life”. Since then, I’ve heard from many people letting me know how they finally decided to go to a coworking space. And, how coworking really did help them, whether it be personally or professionally.

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‘Coworking Values’ is the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly and is hosted by the Coalescent Network.

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