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Freelancers Getting Paid: Stories, Tips and Tactics

Freelancers Getting Paid: Stories, Tips and Tactics

Freelancer nonpayment is theft

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Freelance Foundations. This week we’re talking about freelancer’s getting paid. It’s a big problem for any freelancing practice because it hobbles our ability to do work. This week I share my own recent, personal story.  I also break down the four most essential things you need to ensure you get the money you’re owed. Plus we have our Freelancing Story of the Week and our Freelancer Question of the week.

First though, we have our….

Freelancing story of the week


I love how this speaks to the quest for excellence that drives many freelancers, including myself.

Freelancer question of the week

How can a junior web developer work as a freelancer as apparently, there is a lot in this industry and it seems impossible to work?

In this question, I dive into how a new freelancer can stand out in their industry and do so in a way that drives interest in their services.

Getting paid should be something all freelancers can expect.

From all of these articles, the main points are.

  • Have a contract
  • Have payment terms & a collections process
  • Take a deposit
  • Invoice regularly
  • Polite and nice but firm

Excellent resources for freelancers getting paid

Have a collections process

My friend and colleague Sandra over at Any Old Task has some great info on what your collections process should involve.

Guide to getting paid from Freelancers’ Union

Make sure you have these in your contract

Horror Stories

Small Claims court

When all else fails, small claims court could win you a judgement in your favour. But then you still have to collect.

  • Lots of the stories in here.
  • We just want to stay home in our pyjamas and make things. What a crock of BS!
  • Running a freelance practice is so much more than that.