Freelance Heroes Day 2018 With Ed Goodman

Freelance Heroes Day 2018 with Ed Gordon

In this episode, we discuss Freelance Heroes Day 2018.  Bernie and Trevor interviews Ed Gordon in Cambridge.

What is Freelance Heroes Day 2018?

Ed Gordon explains it as a social media event but, it will be the first physical get together. Wolverhampton, England is the location of choice for the event that’s chosen as the second choice from a survey.

Ed Gordon is the co-founder of Freelance Heroes Group and Freelance Heroes Day. Ed is a freelance social media trainer, he runs a co-working space in Cambridge and he a coach for a kids football team.

Freelance Heroes Day 2018 event was to attract people widely from outside of the London area.

Ed also discusses in the interview some of the major topics which were discussed at the event. Aptly, topics surrounding issues with Freelancers. Former stand up comedian John Torres and  video blogger Steve Foland were at Freelance Heroes Day. Also discussed are the process to get tickets for the event and how to reach out to get the tickets.

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