François-Xavier de Vaujany RGCS

François-Xavier de Vaujany RGCS

Discussion of collaborative work spaces

In this episode we speak with François-Xavier de Vaujany RGCS about collaborative work spaces. We talk about

what happens at conference and symposiums and how it has alternative academic practices for which people use the

coworking spaces. In 2014 it began with a small group of academy students who showed interest in coworking

spaces. We discuss how they moved from a project to network and expansion of the cowork spaces.

Francois further talks about how they organize events to help with networking for cowork spaces and the experiment

of walking tour and conferences. They organize visits of tours within an city one or more days with spaces for people

in in a wide variety of different industries. They use twitter as a platform as a way to give people accessible

information. Francois also puts research out for readers to use and discuss how to get people more recognition for

their research on coworking spaces and talks about how the collaboration of the coworking experience help with

research networking. Also discussed are how the term collaboration and coworking differs from each other in these


We further talk about the involvement of new ways of working in cowork spaces with solitaire entrepreneurs as well

as the future of work with coworking space. Lastly, he gives his brief thoughts on the future of work in the

environment of  cowork spaces and how it brings new practices and the timing of cowork events.

Links discussed in the show:

Collaborative Spaces Study


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