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Freelancer Curry: Essential Ingredients for a Freelance Practice

Freelancer Curry: Essential Ingredients for a Freelance Practice

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Four Ingredients for a successful freelance practice.

Accepting sales is a part of every freelancer’s life.

You’re not going to get as far as you want as fast as you’d like unless you make an effort to get comfortable with sales. This doesn’t mean you have to like it (although in time you will).

The best resource I can recommend for getting comfortable with sales is to read Dan Pink’s book To Sell Is Human (affiliate link)

Making sure your rate can support your best work

if you don’t set your rate correctly, you can end up working more than you have to to support yourself and your practice. Here’s a link to Season 5, Episode 1 about setting your freelancer rate

Make a habit of making habits

All the processes are used to drive habits. If you have a process and you follow it, it becomes muscle memory. Reduces the effort that it takes to do the things you do. We also talked about habits and discipline in Episode 2

It also involves breaking habits, or re-learning them if you need to change something. When you master this skill, you can accomplish build mastery over just about anything.

Our brains are not fixed objects; they constantly grow, adapt and rewire themselves. Explore more here at this TED talk. You can capitalize on that trait.

Focus on continuous improvement

This is the habit that separates the good freelancers from the great freelancers.

Building the processes, workflows and habits allows you to free up time, and that time can be used to improve your craft, or the processes that support it. That continuous sharpening of the blade is what leads to better profitability, higher earnings, and more of the specialized kinds of work you want to do as a freelancer. The really interesting, inspiring stuff.