DH Ready: Eat This! Future Of Food With Kathrine And Duane 

DH Ready: Eat This! Future Of Food With Kathrine And Duane

In this episode we speak with Duane and Kathrine of DH Ready at Future Fest.  They discuss working with UCL to

help people  build their creative talent as creators in the creative food industry. Also discussed in the episode are the

different projects that they’ve worked on and are currently working on.

In Eat This! Future Of Food With Kathrine And Duane Discussions

At DH Ready they curate conversations where they largely find talent and bring creators from the UCL to do

scientific projects that are tangible. The opportunities are to work with big brands and make new and exciting things.

Also we talk about research and the impact of research with taking work that has been researched and putting it into

creative aspects of businesses. The future trends of food science in business is discussed and the using it in the urban

environment as the world is growing more urban everyday. Also applying it to many areas more efficiently.

DHReady is at the cutting edge of science and have brought their knowledge to Future Fest to help those broaden

their creativity whether it’s strategic or scientifically.

Duane is the Founder and Creative Strategy Director at DHReady

Kathrine is the Creative Scientist at DHReady

Links discussed in the show:

Future Fest

DH Ready

DH Ready LinkedIn





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