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Hosted ByBernie J. MItchell & Željko (Jack) Crnjaković

Podcast of the European Coworking Assembly, diving into the world of coworking, coliving, communities, tips & tricks, success stories and fuckups.

The Coworking Balance With Iris Kavanagh

Listen in to hear Iris Kavanagh chat about how running a Coworking space is a constant dance, where one must balance a sense of community and the financial goals that keep the business in the green. One is good for the other, but beware of falling off-balance.

Welcome to Coworking Values the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly. Each week we deep dive into one of the values of accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. Listen in to learn how these values can make or break your Coworking culture.

But what is community?

We all hear “community” thrown around endlessly, sadly this has watered down its true meaning. Iris delves into how relationships built one at a time form the foundation of a community.

Continuing on to share some insight on how turning someone away is worth the financial hit if you sense they’ll affect your community negatively.

Iris then touches on the differences between female and male founders and how women have driven the Coworking movement since day one. Did you know the term Coworking was coined at a feminist collective in San Francisco?

To finish up Iris tells us some of her favourite aspects of Coworking, such as when your community has matured to a point where collaboration starts taking place organically, or when you start to appreciate how the flexibility your Coworking space provides benefits to all its members and the wider community.

Coworking values is the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly and is hosted by the Coalescent Network. This podcast series focuses on the five core values of coworking; accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. We’ve found these values are crucial to the ethos and success of a workplace environment. By educating those that run Coworking spaces, this series intends to improve both the individual workspace and the industry as a whole.

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