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Podcast of the European Coworking Assembly, diving into the world of coworking, coliving, communities, tips & tricks, success stories and fuckups.

Coworking Europe Camp Warsaw With Caroline

Welcome to Coworking Values the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly. Each week we deep dive into one of the values of accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. Learn how these values can make or break Coworking culture.

In this episode, Caroline van Keymeulen, Lead on the Coworking Academy shares about you can join us at the European Coworking Assembly Camp at this year’s Coworking Europe Conference in Warsaw, Poland in November.

You can join the Camp here and when you listen to the podcast you can find out how to make life long industry friends and connections by staying in the hotel with the European Coworking Assembly crew and other attendees.

When you join the camp you get one inclusive price for accommodation, specially priced conference ticket, Coworking Library event and of course deeper connections with your fellow attendees.
Full details on price and how to book
are here

Get ready for a lot of coworking geeking! We’re sharing the same hotel as:

Caroline also details the Coworking Academy project that the Coworking Assembly will run two days before Coworking Europe – you can sign up to be the first to get tickets through this link here.

Coworking Academy at Coworking Europe 2019

We are putting this finishing touches to our 2-day workshop series ahead of Coworking Europe in Warsaw in November 2019.

You can join in to be one of the very first people to hear about when the early bird prices are launched at the end of August 2019 We’ve been planning this since Coworking Europe in Amsterdam in 2018 and are collaborating with the most experienced people in the industry to put the content of these two days together.

Why do I need a workshop when I am going to a conference? That is our main ‘why’ for doing these workshops before the conference.

We’ve been to nearly every Coworking Europe and every time we have the same questions on the first day, but running these sessions before we believe you’ll get even more out of the conference.

You’ll already know people because you’ve done a workshop together, you’ll have a lot of basic questions answered, you’ll know who to look out for. You’ll know what to ask and answer in the un-conference sessions.

‘Coworking Values’ is the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly and is hosted by the Coalescent Network.

This podcast series focuses on the five core values of coworking; accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. We’ve found these values are crucial to the ethos and success of a workplace environment. By educating those that run Coworking spaces, this series intends to improve both the individual workspace and the industry as a whole.

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