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Podcast of the European Coworking Assembly, diving into the world of coworking, coliving, communities, tips & tricks, success stories and fuckups.

Cohabitation With Cutwork Studio

In this episode we talk with Cutwork Studio Paris.

Welcome to Coworking Values the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly. Each week we deep dive into one of the values of accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. Learn how these values can make or break Coworking culture.

Listen in to hear us talk with Bryce Willem and Antonin Yuji Maeno from Cutwork Studios about the next big change that our cities are undergoing. Previously we had the elevator where people were freed from the bottom floors and buildings rocketed skywards.

Now we have the laptop which is pushing us to innovate a lot around how we think about spaces, it’s time we think about space in a more flexible and adaptable way when it comes to design.

We’ve already started subconsciously; bedrooms are slowly becoming office spaces. Architecture and design need to adapt to find what the new complimentary forms are to support changing lifestyles and the types of communities that laptops facilitate, such as Coworking and Co-living spaces. They call this cohabitation!

Coworking values is the podcast of the European Coworking Assembly and is hosted by the Coalescent Network. This podcast series focuses on the five core values of coworking; accessibility, community, openness, collaboration and sustainability. We’ve found these values are crucial to the ethos and success of a workplace environment. By educating those that run Coworking spaces, this series intends to improve both the individual workspace and the industry as a whole.

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