Cat Johnson – Coworking Content Alliance

Cat Johnson – Coworking Content Alliance

In this episode, Trevor and Bernie interview Cat Johnson of Coworking Content Alliance. Cat explains the reasons as to why people can’t find the time to blog and the comfort level that comes with content writing in the co-working society.

Cat’s focus

Cat gives pointers to people who to become more comfortable in the co-working atmosphere. She talks about helping teaching people with their challenges of time, blog and do content in less time and prioritizing their content.

She shares how to avoid ‘crop dust marketing’ and why trying to reach everyone means you won’t reach anyone.

Make sure you seek out all the valuable blogs and resources on Cat’s website here 

All of Cat’s articles on 

Grab Cat’s Coworking Out Loud book here on Amazon

Join the Cat’s very active Facebook group for Coworking Content practitioners.

Freelancer Heros Facebook Group for UK based Freelancers.

“Marketing is a commitment, not campaign” – Jon Buscall Moondog Marketing 

Shortly after this episode, we persuaded Cat to join the Ouishare Radio team where she heads up the Write Club podcast about storytelling and writing.




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