Brave New Work #14 Collaborative Intelligence A New Kind of Organisation – Disruptive Innovation Festival

Brave New Work #14 Collaborative Intelligence A New Kind of Organisation – Disruptive Innovation Festival

Self-organization, self-directedness and self-regulation will be key for organisations working in the emerging network economy. This session will look at the future work through a set of in-depth case studies that demonstrate the potential for small and medium sized companies to experiment and succeed with new organisational designs.

It will show how these companies have succeeded in creating viable collaboration models and how this can lead to the development of collaborative intelligence within businesses. Through a simple dynamic formula, it will demonstrate why this is a critical consideration for companies in the 21st century.

Collaborative Intelligence: A New Kind of Organisation – DIF 2016

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Jan De Visch
Managing Director Connect & Transform/ Exec. Prof. Flanders Business School (Catholic University Leuven)

Prof. Jan De Visch supports organizations to better cope with disruptions by helping them to reframe their context, their perceived emerging changes, their sensed ecosystemic relationships and how they deal with disbalances and the creation of new equilibria. He has a broad experience in transformation management, in various industries, geographies and working with different business models. He focuses on reshaping their structures and innovating their human capital practices and processes. He is author of ‘The Vertical Dimension’ (2010) and ‘Leadership: Mind(s) Creating Value(s)’ (2014). His current research question is ‘How can we support emerging self-organizing groups and networks to cope better with complexity and to build collaborative intelligence?’.


Adelheid Maekelberg
Senior Organisational Development Manager KBC Group

Adelheid Maekelberg is a value driven professional with over 15 years of international working experience (France, BeNeLux, CZ, HU, SK,UK) in both profit and non-profit environments in local, regional and corporate roles with emphasis on transition and change management.

She has designed organizations and structures allowing to deliver current as well as future business goals by looking at the big picture concentrating on the issues and elements that are judged to be critical and by seeking ways of improving systems, structures, processes that lead to the sustainability of the organization.

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