Brave New Work #13 Education and the Future of Work -Disruptive Innovation Festival

Opinion leaders in education have been long busy highlighting that schools are in the tricky business of preparing young people for jobs that have not yet been invented, to solve problems that have not yet occurred. In the last decade, the pace of technological change has been such that a number of new jobs have been invented – think of the IOS developer, social media manager and data scientist, among others – and, one imagines, many more jobs we can’t yet imagine will become commonplace in a few decades’ time. However, schools are rooted in a structure invented before the digital age, designed to prepare students to become engineers, teachers, librarians and accountants. School curricula appear to be ill-equipped to adapt to changes quickly.

Equally, today’s workforce needs to be ready for the workplace needs of tomorrow. The growing demands for harnessing data and using digital services alters the skillset employers are looking for: how do we all stay equipped for a permanently evolving future of work?

Tackling issues like these in this live show are three guests, who each have a unique view of how today’s learning – for young and old(er) – can be transformed to meet the challenge of the skills we require for tomorrow.

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Future of Learning

Malcolm Nicolson
Director of Erimus Education

Director of Erimus Education – an educational consultancy company
Worked for the International Baccalaureate (IB) for 8 years as Head of MYP Development and Head of Diploma Programme Development
Former international football (soccer) player – represented The Bahamas

Michael Rander
Global Research Director, Future of Work, SAP

Global lead for SAP’s Future of Work program focusing on the intersection between the workforce, employers, technology and socio-/economic trends.
Previously employed by IBM
Passionate about photography and determined to one day become a somewhat proficient surfer.

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